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Pumpkin Flower Wax melt

Pumpkin Flower Wax melt

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Pumpkin Flower Wax Melt

Indulge in the warm and inviting scent of our Pumpkin Flower Wax Melt. Made with high-quality paraffin wax, this 1.5 oz melt will fill your home with the delicious aroma of freshly baked pumpkin pie and delicate floral notes.

Our wax melts are designed to be used in a wax warmer, providing a safe and flameless way to enjoy your favorite scents. Simply place one melt in the warmer and let the heat release the fragrance into the air.

Each Pumpkin Flower Wax Melt is hand-poured and crafted with care, ensuring a consistent and long-lasting scent experience. Perfect for creating a cozy and inviting atmosphere in any room of your home.

Experience the comforting and delightful scent of our Pumpkin Flower Wax Melt today. Order now and add a touch of warmth to your home.

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